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ansi-wl-pprint by Max Bolingbroke

ANSI Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer


A pretty printing library based on Wadler's paper "A Prettier Printer". It has been enhanced with support for ANSI terminal colored output using the ansi-terminal package.

This package is extensively based on Daan Leijen's excellent wl-pprint library.


The latest version of the example is always available online:

module Main (main) where

import Text.PrettyPrint.ANSI.Leijen

import System.IO

main :: IO ()
main = do
    -- Going directly to the console is portable across Unix and Windows...
    putDoc $ red (text "Red") <> comma <+> white (text "white") <+> text "and"
                <+> blue (text "blue") <> char '!' <> linebreak
    putDoc $ blue (text "Nested" <+> dullyellow (text "colors") <+> text "example")
                <> linebreak
    hPutDoc stdout $ onred (text "Red") <> comma <+> onwhite (text "white") <+>
                        text "and" <+> onblue (text "blue") <> char '!' <> linebreak
    hPutDoc stdout $ onblue (text "Nested" <+> ondullyellow (text "colors")
                                <+> text "example") <> linebreak
    -- ...but going via a string will only preserve formatting information on Unix
    putStr $ show $ green (text ("I will be green on Unix but uncolored " ++ 
                                    "on Windows")) <> linebreak
    -- Let's see some non-color formatting:
    putDoc $ text "We can do" <+> bold (text "boldness") <> text (", if your " ++
                "terminal supports it, and even perhaps")
                <+> underline (text "underlining")


Haddock documentation is available at Hackage.


Install with Cabal:

$ sudo cabal install ansi-wl-pprint

Download this project in either zip or tar formats.

Clone the project with Git:

$ git clone git://

Alternatively, browse the source on GitHub


You can report a bug online.

Other enquiries can be directed to me via email